Terms of Service regarding video recording of sessions.

From time to time a face to face or Telehealth session will be video recorded, with the written, informed consent of the client.

Why is a session recorded?

The aims of recording a session are threefold;

Who will view it?

The following professionals may view the recording;

Apart from the client, any person viewing the video recording will be a registered psychologist and are bound by the code of ethics which includes confidentiality.

Often only short segments of a session are viewed to assess a specific technique or to discuss an area for supervision.

How is it stored?

The recording is stored on a secure iCloud system that is password protected.

What happens to it?

Depending on the reason the video may be deleted after it has been viewed. Occasionally the video may be stored securely up to 7 years. After this the video recording will be deleted.

What if I change my mind?

The client has the right to refuse consent to video/audio recordings and/or withdraw their consent at any time. This be must stated in writing before the commencement of therapy.

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